Built On a Simple Idea


When salespeople can show the business value of their products, they close more deals.

Exceptional Salespeople

Why are there so few exceptional salespeople?


Because most salespeople have never been trained to sell total business value, and they lack the coaching to make it routine.

value made simple

WGC creates a portfolio map of your offerings
defining how your products make a business
impact on the customer’s business


Financial Training


Next, WGC provides
financial training specific
to your product portfolio

Course Covers:
  • - How to collect discovery data
  • - Showing Financial Impacts
  • - NPV, IRR, Payback and Risk
  • - Capital Purchase vs SaaS

Creating a Compelling Business Case


Delivering Executive Presentations


Lastly, WGC trains your sales team how to create and deliver a killer data driven executive presentation


Close More Deals

If you are ready to stop
pitching “product”…


and start selling
business value…


  • How long does it take to create a portfolio map?
    Creating a portfolio map takes 1 to 3 months depending on the complexity of the product offering.
  • Which industries have WGC created portfolio maps for?
    Customer Experience, Collaboration, Video, Digital Signage, Hospitality, Retail, Mobile Apps, Higher Ed, K-12, Networking, Supply Chain, Talent Management, Energy, Utilities, Workforce Productivity, eCommerce, Marketing, Professional Services, and New Industries are being added on a regular basis.
  • How does WGC training impact our sales process?
    WGC training and portfolio mapping makes your current sales process more effective because it focuses the sales team on business value.
  • How does WGC training help the sales team conduct discovery?
    Portfolio mapping identifits how your products make a business impact on the customer’s business. Part of the process is defining the data requirements.
  • How long is the training?
    Training can vary from a 1/2 day to 3 days depending on the options selected.
  • How is training priced?
    WGC training is priced on a per participant basis.